Respond Effectively with an Eye in the Sky.

Respond Effectively with

an Eye in the Sky.

Observing from a distance

How DJI Drones Empower Security and Surveillance Teams

By using DJI mission operation solutions to do surveillance, security teams have the opportunity to influence and direct possible dangerous situations. Up until recently, surveillance has been limited to eyes on the ground. UAV’s is the future of security with increased visibility through night vision and thermal cameras, as well as accessibility to hard to reach places.

Data collection

Having a real-time view on a target gives security teams accurate data to inform response tactics without using heavy aircraft or human resources.

Beyond the human eye

Drone technology travels faster and undetected during operations, and by utilizing night and thermal cameras the imagery provided during missions far exceed human operatives.

Increase methods of surveillance

GPS tracking, high definition images and videos, covert surveillance, data mining and profiling, and biometric surveillance are all methods that can be used according to your mission objectives.

Officers are often required to put themselves in harm’s way to protect citizens and uphold the law. DJI drone technology provides them with remote imaging tools so that they can assess a situation and plan a response accordingly, drastically improving officer and bystander safety.

Accident Forensics

DJI drone solutions quickly map areas after an incident to preserve the scene for further analysis. By using 3D maps or aerial LiDAR point clouds, forensic units can gain a detailed view of a site and provide an unbiased, visual report to the courts.

Incident Scouting

DJI drone solutions provide remote visuals of a dangerous area to give officers critical information about a situation. By using a thermal sensor, officers can gain visuals through the glass and other obstructions, preventing officers from risking their lives when scouting an area.

When natural disasters hit, response teams instantly come together to save lives and start rebuilding. Our drone technology brings rapid data collection tools to responders, infrastructure maintenance teams, insurers, and more to quickly visualize areas, coordinate activities, and start rebuilding communities.

Disaster Response

DJI drone solutions provide immediate aerial overviews to identify missing persons. With a drone’s live stream, response teams can efficiently direct on-the-ground teams and communicate the situation to off-site stakeholders.

Disaster Preparedness

DJI drone solutions generate detailed maps of jurisdictions to prepare teams before disaster strikes. By generating 3D models of critical sites, teams can simulate disasters to create optimal emergency response plans.

Post-Disaster Assessment

DJI drone solutions collect the visual data of affected areas and assets to assess damage and plan repairs accurately. By using automated mapping missions, insurers can quickly prepare and conduct missions that analyze damage across multiple cities.

Putting out a fire requires a balance of heroism to save lives trapped in a burning structure and caution to prevent flames from spreading. Our technology brings rapid imaging tools that provide critical information to best attack the fire while maintaining firefighter safety.

Structure Fire

DJI drone solutions give teams a real-time 360 ° view of a burning building. By using thermal imagery to monitor fire progress and spot victims through the thick smoke, commanders can efficiently target attacks without risking firefighters.

Forest Fire

DJI drone solutions monitor large-scale wildfires to provide detailed, around-the-clock information to commanders. By using thermal and zoom imagery, commanders can immediately locate hotspots and zoom in to check on teams and resources status.

HazMat Response

HazMat Response DJI drone solutions enable first responders to tackle HazMat situations better whilst maintaining their own safety. With simultaneous thermal and visual imagery, response teams can quickly identify where a dangerous substance is located and what material it is.

Drone Solutions

For Public Safety Officials

Quick Deployment Tactical Tool

An all-in-one drone platform that equips teams with an easy-to-use aerial tool, providing close range task support during critical incident analysis.

M2E Dual

Adaptable Platform

Modular Accessories

Mission-Adaptable Tools

Mission Operations Solution

Rugged aerial platform to oversee operations and identify threats in all situations to help incident commanders effectively direct their teams.

M300 RTK

Adaptable Platform

Zenmuse H20

Thermal Imaging

Mission Operations Solution

Rugged aerial platform to oversee operations and identify threats in all situations to help incident commanders effectively direct their teams.

M210 V2

Adaptable Platform

Zenmuse XT2

Thermal Imaging

Zenmuse Z30

30x Optical Zoom

More Products

Portable Visualization Tool

Mavic 2 Enterprise

Fleet Management Platform


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