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Precision Hawk Lancaster 5

Precision Hawk Lancaster 5

Precision Hawk Lancaster 5


The Lancaster 5 is 180% more robust than it's forerunners. This latest Precision Hawk drone has a re-enforced frame designed to survive hard landings and rough environmental conditions. It's 1.5 m wingspan ensures stable flights with a new tail structure for added strength. One button press to launch, as well as hand launches due to it's light weight of 2.4 kg. 

The Precision Hawk Lancaster 5's plug and play swappable sensors including LiDar; Visual and Thermal / infrared sensors, make it perfectly suited for challenging applications across multiple industries.


  • Type : Single electric motor (fixed wing)
  • Max take off weight : 3.55 kg
  • Cruise speed : 12 - 16 m/s
  • Max speed : 22 m/s
  • Max operating altitude : 2500 m
  • Flight time : Up to 45 mins
  • Communications range : 2 km
  • Max operating temperature : 40°C

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