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Phantom 3 2312A Motor (Part 94) (CCW)

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Phantom 3 2312A Motor (Part 94) (CCW)

Phantom 3 2312A Motor (Part 94) (CCW)

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The new 2312A motor adopts a pioneering stator winding structure, which not only makes it tidy and neat, but also increases slot wire embedding degree and offers improved heat dissipation. With its impact-resistant bearings, the system is more durable than ever before. The electromagnetic design, tailored for the DJI Phantom, has effectively improved the output power, and when used with the new 9450 propellers and new ESC (electronic speed controller), your whole propulsion system can provide 200g/axis more maximum output thrust when using a 3S LiPo battery. Additionally, this new propulsion system allows you to load more equipment on your Phantom without sacrificing flight time, offering you a better flight experience. Includes: 1 Counter-Clockwise Motor

Additional Information

Short Description
  • Phantom 3 Replacement Motor
  • Counter-Clockwise
SKU CP.PT.000278
Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer DJI
UPC Does Not Apply
Video Resolution No
Lens Size N/A
Frame Rate N/A
XT Version N/A
Compatible With: DJI Phantom 3
Open Box N/A

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