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DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo - 4K Stabilized Camera, Active Track

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DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo - 4K Stabilized Camera, Active Track

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo - 4K Stabilized Camera, Active Track

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The DJI Mavic Pro is a compact quadcopter that has far more capability than a first glance reveals.

Mavic Pro is a go-anywhere drone because it’s highly portable. It folds so it easily stows and transports. But don’t let the size fool you: The “Pro” in the Mavic’s name is no joke. This is a highly capable, highly controllable flyer, and it shoots true ultra-high-definition 4K video. Active Track allows you to track your subjects, keeping them in the frame.

With the DJI Mavic Pro Fly-More Combo, the included Mavic Pro still weighs a mere 1.62 pounds, flies up to 27 minutes and reaches a top speed of 40 mph. The combo helps it — and you — get more airtime. It includes extra Intelligent Flight Batteries and propellers and more versatile battery charging. It even adds more convenient transport.

With the Mavic Pro Fly-More Combo Pack, you get:  

  • Flight control: Tap Fly and DJI Go
  • Remote controller: Foldable to fit in purse or pocket
  • Range: Up to 4.3 miles
  • Camera: 4K video at 30 fps; 12MP stills; gesture-triggered selfies
  • Subject tracking: Active Track
  • Real-time Video: 1080p or 720p
  • Obstacle avoidance: Up to 49 feet at 22 mph
  • Intelligent Flight Batteries: Total of 3 (2 extra)
  • Battery charging: Charging hub and car charger
  • Propellers: 5 total pairs (2 additional pairs)
  • Organizing/transporting: Shoulder bag

Why Mavic Pro?

Mavic Pro is unequaled among compact, foldable drones. After all, it’s a DJI quadcopter. It has reliable positioning, indoor flight capability, 4K video, a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal and a foldable remote controller with a 4.3-mile range. And many parts and accessories are available.

Easier than Ever To Store, Transport

The included shoulder bag makes storing and transporting your Mavic Pro simple. Fold the propellers and the Mavic, and your drone will fit snugly and safely in the bag. It also holds your remote controller, up to 4 batteries, extra props, cables, and even your smartphone.

Truly Intelligent Batteries, More Charging

Because the combo includes two extra batteries, a charging hub and a car charger to keep batteries powered up, you’ll spend more time in the air and less time at your base. You get not only up to 27 minutes of flight time, but also protection from overcharging and excessive discharging, both of which could damage batteries. Low-temperature protection is built-in.

Fly by Phone

Download an app to your smartphone and you can take a quick flight or set up a shoot, flying only by phone without using the controller.

Redundant Sensors

Dual IMUs and compasses on the Mavic Pro Platinum make positioning reliable. Your Mavic has GPS, GLONASS and ultrasonic range finders. Each key sensor on the Mavic Pro is duplicated. That means that if one sensor fails, the backup sensor kicks in.

Vision Sensors

With four vision sensors to guide you, avoid obstacles as close as 2 feet at low speeds, and as far away as 49 feet at speeds up to 22 mph. When Mavic Pro gets too close to an object, it will stop and hover until you send a command. Its vision sensors see in three directions and protect you from unexpected dangers, even as high as 14 feet off the ground and even if trees are blocking GPS signals.

With the Flight Autonomy program, hover precisely and land almost exactly where you took off. Precision Landing can even tell if the landing site is uneven.

TapFly points your drone in the right direction. Terrain Follow safely maintains position off the ground. Following a subject on a road or trail with changing terrain is a snap with Terrain Follow. And safe Return to Home avoids obstacles on the way back to base, switching on automatically if your battery runs low.

See what your camera sees, almost instantaneously, from as far away as 4.3 miles. DJI Go tells you everything you need to know onscreen — where you are, your altitude, your battery reserve, and what’s in front of you.

Live-Stream Video

See what you’re shooting and where you’re going with Mavic Pro’s OcuSync. It streams in 1080p when your drone is nearby, and 720p when it’s farther away — up to 4.3 miles.

While you see streamed video in 1080p or 720p, your Mavic records in ultra-high-def 4K. Opt for FPV Goggles to completely immerse you in the flight experience to make you truly believe you’re flying. Control you drone and camera by tapping the side of the goggles, or use head movements alone. To share the experience of flight, put the goggles on a friend while you fly by remote controller.

Shake-Free 4K Video, Quality Camera

Shoot video in 4K, with more than four times the pixels of 1080p. The Mavic Pro captures 4K video at up to 30fps, made stable by a 3-axis gimbal that cancels out drone movement.

With ActiveTrack, Mavic Pro Platinum locks onto your subject or onto you, if you want.

If you don’t have a dedicated photographer, just communicate directly with your Mavic Pro Platinum through your remote controller. Remember, with streaming video, you’ll see what your camera does. Choose the mode that’s best for your shoot:

Trace — Follow in front of or behind your subject. When told, your Mavic Pro will circle your subject. Shooting a wedding? Trace Pro lets you focus on the bride and groom and fly backwards — perfectly level — while they’re leaving the church. You don’t have to bend low or walk backwards.

Profile — Lock on and follow a hiker, canoeist, skater or other active subject — your dog picking up a scent, for instance. Mavic Pro can follow you, too, flying beside you as you move.

Spotlight — Fly in search of the best angle, and Spotlight will lock on a stationary object, keeping it in the frame. Get dramatic zoom shots just from the movement of your drone.

Tripod — Make slow, measured moves with Tripod and your Mavic Pro will help you capture the nuances in every scene.

Gesture-Triggered Selfies

Mavic Pro reads programmed hand gestures, then gives you three seconds to pose before snapping the photo.

Automatic or Manual Camera Controls

While shooting 12MP stills, set the shutter between 8 seconds for a time exposure and action-freezing 1/8000 second. Bursts are at 3/5/7 fps.

Mavic Pro comes with a 16MB video card; optional cards can boost storage capacity to 64MB. Shoot automatically, or manually by controlling aperture, shutter speed, ISO and file format. Creativity comes standard with Mavic Pro.

OcuSync also allows you to download video and stills while recording additional images. If OcuSync senses interference, it chooses the best frequency available.

Fly Longer on Intelligent Flight Batteries

Mavic Pro can hover for 27 minutes and fly for up to 30. That’s superior to other small drones. It’s powered by a quick-charge 3S Intelligent Flight Battery, which prevents damage from overcharging and excessive discharge during storage, even if fully charged.

It shows onscreen how much power is left.

Video Editing, Sharing, Live Streaming

Share your video live on Facebook or YouTube. Edit it first and fast, using the DJI Go Editor on your smartphone. For a more professional look, shoot in Adobe DNG RAW, which allows editing on your computer for more detail and effects. You’ll get the most out of every pixel.

After editing, share your video on Twitter, Instagram or SkyPixel, the DJI community for posting aerial imagery.

Ground Video

Your 11.6-lb. Mavic Pro is so compact, you can use it to shoot ground video by removing the props and folding the arms. Mount your phone to your remote controller and connect in WiFi mode. Just handhold the drone, point and shoot video that is made shake-free by the 3-axis gimbal.

To return to the air, just reverse the process. It takes only minutes.

For more professional results, add the Katana Handheld Stabilizer. It has two handles like professional handheld systems ans holds your Mavic Pro Platinum securely.

Accessories To Help You Do More

You can add even more to your Mavic Pro Flying experience with available accessories.

DJI Goggles let you fly your Mavic Pro in 1080p fully immersive viewing. It’s the bnet bet thing to real flight.

Get more range from FPVLR antenna upgrade for your Mavic Pro controller. Affordable professional installation by Commercial Drones technicians is recommended. They will install the antenna upgrade, then test it to make sure it works before shipping it back. Arrange for installation online or by calling 786-708-7807.

To manage different light while shooting video and still photos, opt for PolarPro Mavic lens filters. They are available in packs of six or packs of three.

Drone Nerd also sells extra batteries so you’ll never run short of flying time on remote shoots, or waiting to recharge.


Additional Information

Short Description
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • 3 Batteries Total
  • 5 Pairs of Props
  • Battery Charging Hub
  • Shoulder Bag
SKU CP.PT.000642
Weight 15.0000
Manufacturer DJI
UPC 190021283442
Video Resolution 4K
Lens Size No
Frame Rate No
XT Version No
Compatible With: N/A
Open Box No

Customer Reviews



What can the Shoulder Bag hold? Everything you need for a remote shoot: the drone, a remote controller, spare propellers, cables, up to 4 batteries and your smartphone.


Can the combo be returned if I’m not satisfied? It’s returnable within 7 days.


Is the Mavic Pro Ready to Fly? Yes. All you need to do is take a minute to unfold the arms until they click into place, and attach the propellers the first time. The landing gear (front only) are built in.  You’ll have to calibrate the compasses, which takes a couple of more minutes.


If I’ve never flown before, will I lose control? No. Use Beginner Mode, which lets you ease into learning the commands and your drone’s reactions. Set the flight program to a more advanced mode as you build skills.


Does the Mavic Pro record 4K video? Yes, real high-definition 4K video in 30 fps or 2.7K video.


How do I edit and share video? Edit and share in the DJI Go 4 app, or download to your computer and edit there.


Do I see what the camera sees? Viewed images are always in HD. You’ll see streamed video in 1080p close up, or 720p farther away and up to 4.3 miles, even when you are recoding in 4K or 2.7K.


Is Mavic Pro video smooth? Is it shake-free? A 3-axis gimbal stabilizes video. It compensates for the drone’s movements to produce video as smooth as what is shot by other 4K quads. It’s better than what’s produced by other compact drones.


Can the Mavic Pro shoot stills? Mavic Pro stills are recorded at a sharp 12MP resolution. The shutter opens as long as 8 seconds for time exposures and as quickly as 1/8000 second to stop action, as fast as on many handheld SLRs. Bursts are at 3/5/7 fps.


Is the camera removable? No, the camera is permanently mounted.


Can I use the Mavic Pro for ground shooting? It’s easy. The Mavic is so light and compact, you can remove the propellers and fold the arms to the storage position, then handhold it and shoot once your smartphone is connected to the controller in WiFi mode. The 3-axis gimbal on the drone that steadies aerial video will also steady handheld video. For less cumbersome handheld shooting, you can add an inexpensive PolarPro Katana–DJI Mavic Tray, a highly effective handheld system that makes the drone easier to handle.


Can I insert more memory than the standard 16GB microSD card has? Yes, up to 64GB.


What is the top speed of the Mavic Pro? Up to 40 mph in Sport Mode.


What is range of the Mavic Pro? 4.3 miles. Range extenders are available through Commercial Drones, which recommends professional installation.


What is the Mavic Pro maximum flight time? The Mavic Pro is tested for 27 minutes of flight time. You’re more likely to experience 21 minutes in real-world time.


Will I crash if my battery runs low? The included DJI Go flight program displays remaining power. If you fail to notice that the battery is getting dangerously low, the Mavic Pro automatically returns to home. Mavic Pro retraces its safe route, recognizes its takeoff spot, and lands there.


If the Mavic automatically flies home, does it avoid obstacles? Whether you or the flight program activates Return to Home mode, the drone automatically senses obstacles and flies around or over them.


Does the Mavic Pro sense and avoid obstacles when I’m in control? The Mavic Pro senses obstacles up to 49 feet away when it’s flying up to 22 mph, and as near as 2 feet when flying slowly. It stops before hitting an obstacle and hovers, awaiting your command. It also avoids obstacles if you direct it onscreen with Tap Fly.


Can I fly the Mavic Pro indoors? Use the vision sensors in front and below to fly safely indoors, where GPS may not be effective. Mavic senses obstacles as close as 2 feet in front.


What happens if GPS isn’t available? The Mavic Pro also picks up signals from GLONASS, the Russian satellite system. If satellite signals are unavailable, fly by visual sensors. Use Tap Fly onscreen to show the Mavic where you want it to go.


Can I fly in rain or snow? No.


Can I fly without the remote control unit? Smartphone-only flight is available once you download the program.


Will the Mavic lock onto my subject? Mavic Pro has several modes that lock onto your subject or onto you if you’re recording your own activities: ActiveTrack locks onto a subject and follows it. With Trace you follow a subject, back up in front of it, or circle it. Profile tells the Mavic Pro to travel alongside a subject while recording. Spotlight keeps a still subject in frame and in focus as you fly in search of the best angle.


Will the Mavic Pro shoot an aerial selfie? Signal with your hands, and Mavic Pro will give you 3 seconds to pose before it shoots. Signals are easily learned.


Are accessories available? A range of optional equipment and spare parts is available from Commercial Drones so you can get even more performance from your Mavic Pro.

Is Mavic Pro compatible with goggles? DJI Goggles connect wirelessly with Mavic Pro for 1080p viewing in a fully immersive flight experience.

Can I extend range? An FPVLR antenna upgrade for your Mavic Pro will extend range. Commercial Drones offers affordable professional installation by its DJI-trained technicians. After installing the antenna upgrade, the techs will test it to make sure it works, then ship it back to you. Call 786-708-7807 or set up your installation online.

Are lens filters available? PolarPro Mavic lens filters are available in packs of six or packs of three to help you adjust light. They are compatible with video and still photography.

Are the two extra batteries in the Combo my limit? No. Commercial Drones sells extra batteries singly so you’ll never have to wait while recharging. Extra batteries are a necessity for remote shoots.

In The Box

What’s in the box? First, you get everything you would get with the basic Mavic Pro:

  • Mavic Pro quadcopter
  • 3 pairs of propellers
  • Gimbal clamp
  • Charger
  • Charger cable
  • 16GB Micro SD card
  • Micro USB cable
  • RC cable Lightning connector
  • RC cable with standard micro USB connector
  • 2 cable sliders
  • All manuals

The Fly More Combo adds:

  • 2 extra flight batteries (3 total)
  • 2 additional propeller pairs (5 pairs total)
  • Battery Charging Hub
  • Car Charger
  • Shoulder Bag