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DJI Matrice 210 RTK
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DJI's most hardy & trustworthy drone at this stage - introducing the DJI Matrice 200 series launched in March 2017. Compatible with the Zenmuse X4S; X5S; Z30 and XT gimbals with an onboard FPV camera giving you live feeds from the aircraft. Weather and waterproof with an enclosed design and self-heating dual battery system, the Matrice 200 series is able to fly in many different environmental conditions.  

Deployed within a few minutes, the dual battery system allows for up to 32mins flight time. Laser and stereo sensors recognize objects giving you the confidence to fly with ease. 

The series includes the Matrice 200, 210 and 210 RTK models. Their specifications are different and are listed in each product page.

For more information, please contact : / 011 781 1323


What is the difference between the Matrice 200, 210 and 210 RTK?

The Matrice 210 and 210 RTK have universal ports and the option to mount dual gimbals underneath the aircraft as well as a mount for a gimbal on top of the aircraft. The Matrice 210 RTK also has built-in RTK functionality which ensures millimetre-precision navigation.

  • Dimensions (unfolded) : 887 x 880 x 408 mm

  • Dimensions (folded) : 716 x 242 x 236 mm

  • Weight (TB50) : 4.27 kg / (TB55) : 5 kg

  • Max Takeoff Weight : 6.14 kg

  • Max Ascent Speed : 5 m/s

  • Max Descent Speed : 3 m/s

  • Max Wind Resistance : 10 m/s

  • Max Speed : S Mode 23 m/s; P Mode 17 m/s; A Mode 23 m/s

  • Dual and top mounted payload configurations

  • Universal ports

  • Built-in RTK which ensures millimetre-precision navigation.

You can read more about the specifications of the Matrice 200, 210 and 210 RTK in this specifications blog.

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