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We are South Africa's one stop shop for all drone related services. Between our in-house skills and our extended partnerships with all the respective leaders in the various drone industries around South Africa we will be able to help with your drone requirement. We might not always be able to do it ourselves but we'll certainly connect you with the absolute best person in that field in SA and we'll advice you on what questions to be asking them. 

Services include: 

    • Licensing: RPL, ASL and ROC 
    • Pilot training 
    • Land surveys 
    • Building inspection 
    • Professional aerial photography & videography 
    • Stockpile measurements on mines 
    • Drone security 
    • Aerial data analysis 
    • Recommending the best software for your application 
    • Business consulting on how drones effect your industry 
    • Drone rentals 
    • Hiring a qualified pilot 
    • and much more... 

Complete the contact form below with a detailed explanation of what you're looking for and we'll help get your project up and flying

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