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S1000/S900 S1000

DJI™ S1000

The DJI Spreading Wings S1000+ Octocopter is a professional-grade flying platform that can be equipped to meet your individual needs. You then can add the optional flight controller, remote controller, flight battery, charger, gimbal and camera of your choice. Bundles are available from DroneNerds.com to add Ready-To-Fly convenience and savings when equipping this powerful, stable eight-motor drone.

Like a well-trained athlete, the S1000+ can lift more than its own weight. Depending on the battery choice, this heavy-lift UAV can fly fully laden for about 15 minutes. It is agile and stable, even in strong crosswinds, and capable of smooth transitions —even tiny changes — in speed and position.

Every S1000+ drone includes:

  • Hardware needed for easy assembly (only RTF custom bundles arrive assembled)
  • Eight motors
  • Space-saver folding arms and folding propellers
  • Removable top center plate for easier access to mounting points
  • Retractable landing gear that stay out of the camera frame, including on 360-degree pans
  • Payload of more than 13 pounds
  • Top speed of 45 miles per hour


Depending on the bundle, or individual purchases, you can equip the S1000+ with a DJI Z15 gimbal specifically engineered to handle the Panasonic GH4; Black Magic Pocket Camera BMPCC; Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Sony NEX-5N mirrorless camera; or the Sony A7 full-frame mirrorless camera.

Some of these bundles come with the A3 Flight Control System and Lightbridge video and information streaming technology.  Others come with the A2 Flight Controller or the WooKong Flight Controller.


Don’t want to bother with assembly? Drone Nerds offers three S1000+ RTF custom bundles. The S1000+ drone arrives with everything installed for you: hardware and software, all pre programmed and tested by Drone Nerds technicians.

Each custom bundle has a Z15 gimbal and your choice of a 5D Mark III, BMPCC or GH4 camera; an A2 Flight Controller; a DJI Lightbridge HD video downlink; a pair of 22,000mAh LiPo batteries; a Hyperion 20A dual charger; and a MaxAmps 24V 47A power supply unit.

Athena includes two Futaba 14SG remote controllers. Hermes includes two Futaba 14SG remote controllers; a 5.8gHz video transmitter (AVL58); iOSD Mark II; Flysight 7-inch Black Pearl monitor; and a Go Professional S1000 hard case.

The Nemesis includes a DJI Lightbridge 2 controller; DJI CAN-Hub; and a Go Professional S1000 hard case.

Extra Batteries To Enhance Flight Time

Spare batteries have you ready to swap out power instantly on your drone’s return to base to get back in the air. More-powerful batteries mean extended flight time. Choose from the 22,000mAh Tattu or Max Amps battery packs for the S1000+. The Max Amps can discharge at a stellar 40C can charge at up to 50C. Also available is a Tattu 12,000mAh battery.