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If you’re ready for drone racing, Drone Nerds has racing drones ready for you. You’ll find a ready-to-fly complete drone, comprehensive racing drone bundle, and almost-ready-to-fly racing drone that lets you add the finishing touches.

These sleek quadcopters are engineered to meet the demands of First Person View racing. FPV racing drones are compact, light, extremely agile, lightning fast and engineered to resist crash damage.


Complete BlackSheep Vendetta Racing Drone Bundle
The Team BlackSheep Vendetta Ready-To-Fly Bundle includes a backpack, battery with charger, and a Tango FPV remote controller with high-performance video receiver and a fully programmable on-screen display. No tablet needed. Spend five minutes on non-soldered assembly with the included tools and challenge other small racing drones. This 240-sized racing drone comes with a Zero Zero FPV camera, the fastest F3 board on the market, two extra arms, Cobra CM2204/2300kV Motors, and HQ 5x4x3 props, plus four extras.

Customizing the TBS Vendetta is easy. The remote controller is compatible with goggles. Step up to 6S and stronger motors: The electronic speed controls can handle them. Custom arms install easily with built-in MT30 connectors. If your drone goes down, there’s a lost model alarm.

Walkera F210: Ready-to-Race, Affordable
Buy and fly with the Walkera F210 5.8GHZ Complete RTF FPV Racing Drone. It needs just basic assembly. The F210 comes with the things you need to compete from Day One: motors, props, a DEV07 remote controller, battery with charger, and an F3 board. A fully programmable on-screen display means you don’t need a tablet.

Set the speed and work your way toward truly competitive skill levels. The camera lets you race day or night. The transmission range is a half-mile.

Nighthawk Pro 280 Size Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber Mixed Quadcopter Frame-ARF
If you’re a hands-on type, you’ll love getting your hands on the Nighthawk Pro 280 FPV racing drone that comes ARF — Almost Ready to Fly — from Drone Nerds. The racing drone kit includes a Skylight 32 integrated flight control board with four 12Amp BLHeli One shot speed controllers. 

The power system boasts EMAX 2204 2300 kV motors and 6045 propellers mounted on a 10-degree tilt for faster forward speeds without sacrificing elevation. The 700TVL camera provides an exceptional horizontal view. The video transmitter lets you choose the power output of your transmitter.

Drone Nerds recommends a 3S battery, 1500-2200mAH 30C. Add the transmitter and receiver of your choice.