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Your DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter can be damaged in storage or transport, not just during flight. You need a Phantom 4 case — just in case. DroneNerds.com has all kinds of cases for your phantom 4: alligator cases, backpacks and briefcase styles. Drone Nerds offers cases from DJI, Case Pro, Plasticase Nanuk, HPRC, LowePro and GoProfessional.

Every Phantom 4 case will:

  • Protect your drone in storage and transport
  • Repel water, dirt and dust
  • Absorb shock
  • Ease transport with wheels, comfortable handles or shoulder straps
  • Store a tablet/monitor
  • Cradle a remote controller
  • Handle cables and cords
  • Store a charger, battery and spares
  • Accommodate spare propellers


When you’re heading out to a remote base, no case is more efficient than a soft or hard backpack. Just slip it over your shoulders, and off you go. The Case Pro DJI Phantom 4 Backpack is a price-leading soft model that’s lightweight but durable, with built-in guards against motor damage. One of its four outside pockets stores a 7-inch tablet.

Hard cases include models from DJI, LowePro and Drone Nerds. The DJI Phantom Series Multifunctional Backpack is hard with a soft liner. It holds up to three batteries and a 15-inch tablet. The LowePro Drone Guard BP450 AW can stow not only your drone and accessories, but also personal items.


Hard cases with wheels and telescopic handles are perfect for air travel. Choose a Phantom 4 wheeled hard case from HPRC or GoProfessional.

The PHA4-2700W Hard Case from HPRC is plastic with a watertight seal, and a valve adjusts for altitude. This case holds the Phantom 4 and a remote controller. It stores as many as eight spare props, up to five batteries, a charger, tools, cables and accessories.

The GoProfessional DJI Phantom 4 Pro Compact Carrying Case with Wheels accommodates the Phantom 4, Pro or Pro+. It has spaces for a remote controller with or without monitor, plus an iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini. It stores up to seven batteries, a charger, four filters, an SD card and spare props.


A Phantom 4 and its accessories stay safe in a briefcase-style plastic case if you’re all business-like.... Choose from one case by HPRC and five cases by Plasticase Nanuk. But these cases cannot be carried on airliners.

The interior of the HPRC case is identical to that of the wheeled PHA4-2700W. The Plasticase Nanuk totes are identical to one another, except for their graphite, silver, black, orange or yellow color. They store a Phantom 4, Pro or Pro+, up to four batteries, a remote controller with or without screen, a charger and 7-inch tablet.