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Fly without leaving the ground with the DJI Phantom 3 drone, proven to be an economical but reliable entry to serious drone flying for hobbyists. Even more economical is a refurbished Phantom 3 quadcopter from DroneNerds.com. The Phantom 3 flying camera is stable and powerful, and it’s easy to fly. It is available with a camera that shoots 2.7K high-definition video and 12MP stills, or even higher-definition 4K video. A refurbished Phantom 3 can save you $150 or more compared with a brand-new model, but with almost identical warranty protection.

Drone Nerds offers serious savings on:

  • Phantom 3 Standard, with 2.7 K video
  • Phantom 3 Advanced, with 2.7K video
  • Phantom 3 Professional, with 4K video
  • Phantom 3 Standard bundles, one with an extra battery, the other with a carrying case
  • Phantom 3 Professional bundle with case

Reliable Refurbished Drones

Every DJI refurbished Phantom 3 quadcopter is thoroughly examined by DJI experts, who repair defects, replace needed parts and test the unit before shipment. Refurbished Phantom 3 drones were purchased new but returned, sometimes simply because the buyer wanted something else. In the box is everything you need: a ready-to-fly drone needing only non-soldered assembly, a remote controller, camera, battery, charger, cables, props, including spares, and detailed manual.


Each refurbished Phantom 3 receives a serial number ending in “R.” A DJI refurbished unit carries a warranty equal to that of a new Phantom 3, except that “R” models can be returned unused within seven days and exchanged only for another refurbished drone.

High-performance Cameras

Every Phantom 3 comes with a built-in high-definition video camera mounted on a stabilizing 3-axis gimbal. The cameras on refurbished Phantom 3 Standard and refurbished Phantom 3 Advanced can shoot 1080p video and 12MP stills. The camera on the refurbished Phantom 3 Professional can shoot 4K video, with more than double the definition. The gimbal makes video shake-free and makes still photos clear and sharp.

Phantom 3 Features

The Phantom 3 Standard and Advanced models have a range of more than half a mile, and the Phantom 3 Professional range extends 1.2 miles. Each Phantom 3 flies with the help of a DJI app that is downloaded online. You will see in real-time 720p video on your connected smartphone or tablet exactly what your camera sees and records in higher definition. Two controller sticks dictate movement and speed, and a dial activates the gimbal to control aerial photography.  

Shop Parts and Accessories

Want to boost the range of your Phantom 3? Need a shell or landing gear to repair crash damage? Desire an extra battery, a fast charger or spare propellers? Shop for parts and accessories on the DroneNerds site. Also available are antenna booster installation and the latest firmware installation.