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You’ll need parts, even on a well-designed and well-built DJI Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 Advanced. Crashes and rough landings brake parts, and frequent use wears parts out.

To keep your drone in the air, or to get it flying after parts fail, maintain it with genuine DJI parts from, the nation’s largest DJI dealer and servicer.  It’s always a good idea to have spares for such parts as propellers, propeller guards and batteries. For more thrills, choose such upgrades as stronger motors and long-range antennas.


High Performance Options

Go faster. Fly farther. Ensure uninterrupted transmission of HD video. Boost your signal so you’re always in control. Drone Nerds has everything you need to enhance the performance of your Phantom 3 quadcopter. Choose from four models of Phantom 3 motors. Replace or add a remote controller, and let an antenna upgrade boost range and response. Add a smartphone hood or a tablet hood for better video viewing.  

All the Little, Needed Parts

Order online to get Phantom 3 parts and accessories shipped promptly by Drone Nerds: Screw sets for when screws work loose or fall off your workbench, or after heads strip. Damping rods, vibration-absorbing rubber balls, and camera vibration-absorbing ball mounts. A compass, antenna or GPS sensor. Cables sold individually or in sets, including flat cables for gimbals.

Propellers. Landing gear. Shells. Batteries, car chargers and charging hubs. Center boards and center board compartments. Drone Nerds has all these and many more parts and accessories — even a complete Phantom 3, minus controls, battery, charger and camera.

Gimbal/Camera Replacements, Filters

Improve aerial video with Phantom 3 gimbal/camera replacements. Get color to pop out with UV filters and lens filters, either solid or graduated, that stop down light, sold singly or in sets. Drone Nerds has replacement Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 Advanced 2.7K cameras and 4K cameras.

Professional Service

Maybe you can’t do complicated repairs or upgrades yourself. Perhaps you have the skills but not the time. You can get professional installation by Drone Nerds DJI-trained technicians that’s quick and affordable. We can even install firmware upgrades. It’s all done online and by parcel post.

Phantom 3 Part 85 Gimbal Flat Cable (Standard)

R 500.00

Phantom 3 Series Prop Guards

R 380.00

Phantom 3 2312A Motor (Part 94) (CCW)

R 360.00

Phantom 3 Camera Vibration Absorbing Ball Mount (Part 39)

R 180.00

DJI Phantom 3 9450 Self-tightening Propeller Set (1CW+1CCW)

R 120.00

Tablet Hood for Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 Controller (Part 57)

R 320.00

Phantom 3 Remote Controller (Part 10)

R 3,580.00

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced 2.7K HD Camera Replacement (Part 6)

R 5,180.00

DJI Phantom 3 4K Remote Controller (Part 125)

R 4,380.00

DJI Phantom 3 Standard 2.7K HD Camera Replacement (Part 73)

R 4,380.00

Phantom 3 - GPS Module (Part 1)

R 3,180.00

DJI Phantom 3 ESC Center Board & MC V2 (Pro/Adv) (Part 96)

R 2,980.00

DJI Phantom 3 ESC Center Board & MC V1 (Pro/Adv) (Part 33)

R 2,980.00

DJI Phantom 3 Battery 4480mAh

R 2,980.00

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Remote Controller 5.8 Part 74

R 2,180.00

Phantom 3/4 - HDMI Output Module (Part 54)

R 1,980.00

Phantom 3 - Battery Charging Hub

R 1,800.00

Phantom 3 - Car Charger Kit (Part 109)

R 1,700.00

DJI Phantom 3 100W Battery Charger (Part 15)

R 1,200.00

Phantom 3 Replacement Shell (Standard Only) Part 72

R 1,180.00

Phantom 3 Replacement Shell (Professional/Advanced) Part 30

R 1,180.00

DJI Phantom 3 57W Battery Charger (Part 23)

R 780.00

Phantom 3 Camera UV Filter (Part 45)

R 760.00

Phantom 3 Part 49 Gimbal Flat Cable (Pro/Adv)

R 700.00

DJI Phantom 3 Mobile Device Holder (Part 38)

R 600.00

Phantom 3 Antenna (Part 3)

R 400.00

Phantom 3 Part 97 2.4G Antenna(Standard)

R 360.00

Phantom 3 2312 Motor (Part 8) (CW)

R 360.00

Phantom 3 2312 Motor (Part 7) (CCW)

R 360.00

Phantom 3 2312A Motor (Part 95) (CW)

R 360.00

DJI Phantom 3 9450 Black Carbon Fiber With Yellow Stripes Self-tightening Propeller Set (1CW+1CCW)

R 300.00

DJI Phantom 3 9450 Black Carbon Fiber Self-tightening Propeller Set (1CW+1CCW)

R 300.00

Phantom 3 Compass (Part 11)

R 300.00

Phantom 3 Cable Set (Part 42)

R 280.00

Smartphone Hood for Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 Controller (Part 56)

R 240.00

Phantom 3 Landing Gear (Part 29)

R 240.00

Phantom 3 Part 81 Cable Set (Standard)

R 180.00

Phantom 3 Part 83 Camera Vibration Absorbing Board (Standard)

R 180.00

Phantom 3 Part 40 Vibration Absorbing Rubber Ball

R 120.00

Phantom 3 USB Charger Battery 2PIN to DC Power Cable (Part 135)

R 120.00


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