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There are many reasons you may need to buy parts and accessories for your drone. Parts wear out — propellers, for instance, and motors and batteries. Things break — parts like landing gear, antennas and gimbals — which you know, if you’ve crashed a few times. You may want to add convenience — buy extra batteries and a quick charger, a carrying case or something as simple as a lanyard for a controller. And sometimes you seek to boost the performance of your drone, flight controller or camera, which means upgrading from original equipment.

Drone Nerds offers:

  • Repair parts, such as shells, arms and landing gear
  • Replacement parts, such as propellers, antennas and GPS
  • Upgrades, including antenna signal boosters and firmware downloads
  • Extras, such as Intelligent Fight Batteries and second controllers
  • Gimbals and cameras
  • Products from quality manufacturers, including DJI, ACR Systems, RED, FLIR, WooKong, Futaba and Tattu


Some repairs you can do yourself. At Drone Nerds you’ll find scores of parts for the Phantom 4, Phantom 3, Phantom 2 and Phantom 1. Available parts range from the big and obvious, such as shells, to the minute, such as assembly screws. More frequent needs — replacement propellers, propeller guards, batteries — also are available.

Need an expert to fix your drone?  Get DJI-authorized service from Drone Nerds, to make sure your drone is fixed by DJI certified experts.  Fill out the Repair Request  online and before you know it you’ll have your fixed drone back in your hands in no time.


As your drone and aerial video experience broaden, you’re likely to want more performance, even if you don’t replace the drone you have. Choose from an array of upgrades, such as antenna boosters or batteries for longer flight time. Add a second controller or a more advanced remote, or A3 flight control. Improve video with more sophisticated gimbals, handheld systems, zoom cameras, NDVI cameras, FLIR Thermal Cameras, or Hollywood-quality camera systems.


Drone Nerds offers many parts and accessories for better aerial video. You can buy a replacement gimbal and camera for 2.7k or 4K video. Upgrade to one of DJI’s  Zenmuse Z3 4K cameras with zoom lens.

For an Inspire 1 quadcopter, there’s an available X5 camera with one lens included, and interchangeable lens capability. FLIR thermal cameras for the Inspire 1 make it perfect for search and rescue, firefighting and industrial inspections. An NDVI camera for an Inspire or Matrice 100 lets a farmer do crop mapping.

Phantom 4 cameras that are factory-modified for smart agricultural applications also are available, but professional Drone Nerds installation may be advisable.