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DJI Matrice 210 Parachute & Survey Bundle

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DJI Matrice 210 Parachute & Survey Bundle

DJI Matrice 210 Parachute & Survey Bundle

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At Commercial Drones South Africa we understand the needs of our clients and that of the South African Civil Aviation. Finding the perfect balance between efficiency and safety is paramount to both ecosystems and thats exactly why the M210 Survey Bundle ranks as our number one best seller. With the dual battery redundancy, dual IMU & compass units. Built in ADS-B allowing the pilot in command to detect nearby manned aircraft flying within their airspace. Obstacle avoidance & the capability of running two cameras at once for efficient workflow, the Commercial Drones M210 bundle is certainly a great solution.

Whats makes our bundle so unique? We've included:

  • 1 X Year subscription to DroneDeploy
  • 1 X Parazero M210 Parachute system
  • 1 X 18 Month warranty on Payload purchased from Commercial Drones SA
  • 1 X Zenmuse X4S camera
  • 1 X Zenmuse Z30 Optical (30x) zoom camera
  • 2 X TB55 Matrice series Long life batteries
  • 1 X 10% discount off any FLIR payload purchased from Commercial Drones in the future

Ultimately the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) is concerned with safety and making sure all aircraft has built in redundancy allowing us to fly safely & respect manned airspace. Thats why our parachute systems facilitate your ROC applications and airworthiness desktop inspections. 

The M210 ParaZero parachute system automatically deploys when needed and can be manually activated in case of any emergency. The patented SafeAir system cuts all engines which most UAV parachute systems don't incorporate. The Commercial Drones Parazero parachute solution also protects your expensive payloads from irreparable damage. Not to mention reduces your insurance premium. 

ParaZero SafeAir ultimately allows you to protect your payload, people and your company brand. Parazero SafeAir also allows for BVLOS and autonomous flight to be approved by the SACAA.  

For a quote email sales@commercialdrones.co.za now & one of our trusted advisors will guide through everything you need to know.