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Inspire 2 Bundles


Thanks to DroneNerds.com, the revolutionary DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter is available in two bundles that equip the Inspire 2 with a camera. Both cameras, mounted on removable 3-axis gimbals, are manufactured especially for the Inspire 2. Not sure which camera is right for the work you do? A DJI expert at Drone Nerds, the nation’s largest DJI dealer, can help you choose wisely and stay on budget.

Drone Nerds Inspire 2 bundles offer a choice of:

  • Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X4S camera, with a fixed DJI lens
  • nspire 2 with Zenmuse X5S camera, which accepts interchangeable lenses and includes one lens

Zenmuse 4XS Camera

This fixed-lens camera’s leaf shutter eliminates rolling shutter distortion. Its 24mm equivalent lens has fast auto focus. With CineCore 2.0 processing, it can shoot 4K video at 60 fps and H.264 and H.265 at 100Mbs. Stills are recorded at 20.8MP, in 14 fps bursts, in JPEG and DNG formats.

Zenmuse X5S Camera

Step up to cinematic quality with the X5S, which accepts DJI, Olympus and Panasonic interchangeable lenses. Their 35mm equivalent focal lengths range from 18mm to 90mm. A leaf shutter eliminates rolling shutter distortion. This four thirds camera’s sensor is eight times the size of that in the Inspire 1’s X3 camera. The X5S, aided by CineCore 2.0 processing, can shoot 5.2K video at 30 fps, 4K video at 60 fps, and 20.8MP stills in 20 fps bursts.

DJI Inspire 2 Features

There’s never been a four-motor flying camera like the Inspire 2. Quick-release 15-inch propellers accelerate it to 50 mph in 4 seconds and to a 67 mph top speed. Maneuverability and stability encourage videographers to go for the special shot.

Inspire 2 can descend at 29 ft/sec and climb at 9 ft/sec.  If you reach the limit of the gimbal’s pan, the Inspire 2 will self-rotate to maintain the shot. And the landing gear stay out of the frame. That’s one smart drone. Flight time is up to 27 minutes.

Intelligent Flight

ActiveTrack locks on moving subjects, even if the drone moves. Spotlight Pro, which adds shooting modes, makes it easier for one operator to achieve sophisticated video. If you add a remote controller for the photographer, Inspire 2 will simultaneously beam an FPV shot for the pilot and a hi-def video feed for the photographer.

Range is 4.3 miles, and switchable 2.4 and 5.8GHz frequencies make the signal reliable. Inspire 2 has dual batteries, self-heating for cold-weather shooting, indoor flight capability and obstacle avoidance at up to 34 mph. TapFly, route mapping with waypoints and Safe Return Home aid the pilot.

Advanced Video Processing

The CimneCore 2.0 processing system records in formats conducive to post-production, including CinemaDNG and ApplePro Res, FAT32 and exFAT. It can record simultaneously on an optional CINESSD and a micro SD card. The processor makes workflow more efficient.