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Thermal cameras for drones used in professional and industrial applications let professionals see video and still images of what otherwise is invisible. Each UAV thermal imaging camera uses infrared sensors to locate — and record — heat sources.

Drones with infrared cameras can do at a tiny fraction of the cost what only far more expensive airplanes or helicopters once did. Some thermal cameras can be removed and handheld.

Dronenerds.com offers not only the best equipment but also expertise in choosing the right drone, gimbal, thermal imaging system, lens or drone camera kit.


Thermal Camera Applications

A drone thermal imaging system is indispensable on police surveillance drones, in search and rescue, for emergency services and for firefighting. These are the heroes of camera accessories. Drone thermal cameras help to track criminal suspects at night, uncover illicit drug-growing houses, find stranded victims of catastrophes, locate bodies in building debris, and detect hot spots after a fire.

Industrial applications for thermal drones include power line inspections, roof inspections, substation inspections, cell tower inspections, precision agriculture and surveying.  

UAV Thermal Cameras

DJI thermal camera choices and FLIR thermal camera options encompass a range of features, resolution and price. Most of these cameras include high-resolution (50mK) infrared thermal scanning, can shoot stills while shooting video, and can zoom. With LightBridge, they transmit 720p real-time images to a tablet or smartphone attached to your remote controller. DJI Zenmuse XT models are available, as are FLIR cameras, including the FLIR Vue 336, with 336 resolution, and FLIR Vue 640, with 640 resolution.

Choose from slow frame rate and fast framerate cameras. Radiometric versions convey absolute temperatures.  Interchangeable lens systems allow for wide angle and telephoto options.

Thermal Camera Bundles

A drone and thermal camera bundle saves money by combining the UAV, a gimbal, a thermal camera, remote controllers, and GPS or D-RTK positioning. Drone thermal packages range from the economical Phantom 3 with thermal camera, with the Phantom 3 drone, FLIR Vue and Phantom 3 Pro accessories for ready-to-fly capability, to the sophisticated DJI Matrice 600 with Ronin-MX gimbal, a truly professional-level sUAS setup that will accept the drone thermal camera of your choice. Phantom 4, Inspire 1 and Matrice 100 bundles also are available.