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The stabilizing of your aerial video by Zenmuse gimbals depends on choosing the right gimbal. Do you know which Zenmuse gimbal works with a Canon 5DIII HD? Do you know which drones it will fit? Do you know whether your drone requires landing gear extensions to use it? Do you know what operating system requires a software assistant for proper aerial gimbal control?

DroneNerds.com knows all of those answers, and a lot more. It’s that kind of knowledge that ensures you get the gimbal that’s right for the work you do and the equipment you use.


Stability for Shake-Free Video

A gimbal uses sensors and tiny, quiet electric motors to give the camera 3 axis stability while the drone changes position or fights crosswinds. Video will be even and free of vibration for professional quality. Movement and camera operation are controlled through your drone transmitter and flight program. Lightbridge 2 lets you see on a tablet what your camera sees.  

Drone/Gimbal/Optical Zoom Camera Bundles

Buy a drone, gimbal and camera in a bundle to shoot quality aerial video right out of the box. A bundle saves you money. Both the DJI Matrice 100 and Camera Bundle and the Matrice 600 and Camera Bundle include the Z30 30x optical zoom 4K camera, which also has 6x digital zoom.

Ultra-high-definition 4K has more than twice the pixels of 1080p. The Matrice 100 is a sophisticated pro-grade quadcopter, and the Matrice 600 is a professional hexcopter.  These are suitable not only for cinema, but also for industrial applications, such as bridge and building inspections.

Buy Gimbal with Camera, or Buy Separately

Drone Nerds can supply a DJI gimbal/camera combination, with or without zoom lens, and with or without interchangeable lenses. You’ll find products and combos that work with any size budget. Staff experts can point you to the best gimbal and camera for the drone you have, or to the best drone and gimbal for the camera you have.  It costs you nothing to tap a wealth of knowledge when you buy through Drone Nerds. There’s even a Zenmuse X5 adaptor that lets you use that gimbal and camera with the handheld Osmo stabilizing system.

Zenmuse gimbals are designed specifically for some of the best third-party video cameras in use. We also offer DJI gimbal/camera combinations that are ideally balanced for drone mounting and packed with high-performance features.