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Spray crops faster and more precisely from the air than you ever could from the ground. With a DJI Agras agriculture drone, you don’t need a crop duster’s services or even his plane to conduct aerial spraying, and you don’t have to spray from your tractor after attaching the cumbersome gear needed for applications. You just need the DJI Agras MG-1 to spray liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Cover up to nearly 1.5 acres in just 10 minutes. Grab your remote controller, find a shady spot and get to work.

The DJI Agras drone is a stabilized octocopter, with 8 powerful but compact electric motors and 8 batteries to keep it airborne. It folds for more convenient storage and easier transport in a truck or even in the trunk of a car. Every DJI Agras Agriculture Drone bundle from Drone Nerds includes:

  • MG-1 octocopter
  • Remote controller
  • Liquid tank
  • Spray kit
  • 7-10 acres per hour capacity (optional extra batteries are helpful)
  • 10 kg (22-pound) payload

Intelligent Spraying System
The Agras MG-1 uses precise regulation of the liquid pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to automatically adjust its spray with any change in flight speed, and with any change in consistency of the liquid being sprayed. That’s important to keep applications uniform. The four nozzles are beneath the propellers, which help to accelerate the spray and its dispersion.

Precise Location, Terrain Recognition
The MG-1 remembers where it has sprayed and where it left off. After the batteries are replaced or recharged, and the tank is reloaded, the MG-1 returns to the precise, correct spot to resume spraying. The drone automatically follows irregular terrain, maintaining its height above crops to within a centimeter. The remote control can be set to automatic, operator-assisted or fully manual settings.

Additional Battery Packs
Additional battery packs are available for greater efficiency. Charge one set of batteries while spraying, then insert the extra set when you return to base. Recharge the first set of discharged batteries as you complete another round of aerial spraying.

The MG-1 is designed to filter out dust, dirt and other foreign matter, even while circulating air to cool the motors, resulting in a long life. If you need servicing, Drone Nerds employs a team of factory-trained technicians and maintains the largest DJI-authorized service facility in the U.S.