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DroneNerds.com offers protection and convenience with a selection of backpacks and cases for drones and related equipment. Cases and backpacks hold the items you need to get the job done efficiently, or just to enjoy a day of flying. They protect your investment because they protect your equipment. Place equipment into or remove it from a van or car, transport it, set up at a worksite or base station, or store it without fear of damage.

Cases and backpacks are available for the Osmo handheld gimbal system, and the Inspire, Phantom 2, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, and S1000 drones. Choices include hard cases, cases with wheels, soft backpacks, and hardshell backpacks.  


Hardshell Backpacks

Resistant to water and shocks, hardshell backpacks offer solid protection and ease of transport. Inside, hardshells are soft, with foam preformed to accept not only your drone, but also the accessories you typically need for a day of flying. There’s usually space for extra batteries, a charger, remote controllers and spare propellers. Drone Nerds has hardshell backpacks for the Phantom 3 drone, Phantom 3 Pro/Advanced, Phantom 4 and 3DR Solo. Some hardshells also can store tablets.

Soft Backpacks

Soft backpacks carry your drone, extra batteries, remote controllers and a tablet. Carry even more, such as energy bars, water bottles and other supplies, in models with useful outside pockets. Drone Nerds offers well-built, thoughtfully designed models from Manfrotto for Phantom 4 drones, and from CasePro for Phantom 3 or Phantom 4. Although generally lighter and more comfortable to wear than hardshells, they are cushioned against impact and are made of water-resistant canvas.   

Hard Cases, Cases with Wheels

A pelican-style handled hard case or briefcase-style transporter can carry your drone and its peripherals, such as batteries, a charger and remote controller, in impact-absorbing preformed foam inserts. The lid may or may not have additional storage. Some cases have wheels, helpful in some business settings. And some are designed as carry-ons for airline travel, or for use as a landing pad. Drone Nerds has cases for the Phantom 2, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire X3, Inspire 1 X5, Ronin M gimbals, and the Osmo handheld gimbal system. Manufacturers include Go Professional, Nanuk and HPRC.

Choose a hard case color, too, from red, orange, yellow, black, silver or gray.