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The DJI M200 V2 Enterprise Drone

The DJI M200 V2 Enterprise Drone

DJI brings exciting new features to the worlds leading enterprise drone. 

The Matrice 200 Series V2 model retains its rugged design (IP43 Water resistant) easy to use, simple configuration. While upgrading key systems to provide safer, more reliable, and secure operation. Improvements to this aircraft (RPAS in South African terms) allow for more advanced commercial drone operations including night flying and BVLOS (Beyond visual line of sight) flights. From construction and infrastructure inspection to police, search and rescue, firefighting, the Matrice 200 Series V2 provides a versatile platform for organisations wanting to transform their daily operations. 


M210 v2 South Africa Price

Key New Features

l  Reliable Transmission

OcuSync 2.0, the drones now support automatic dual frequency band switching between 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz for up to 8 km maximum transmission range. Reliable, high-resolution, low-latency digital video transmission back to the pilot in command.

l  Data Security

All data transmitted through OcuSync 2.0 is encrypted using the leading AES-256 standard, ensuring critical mission information is protected and can only be accessed by authorized personal.

l  Flight Safety

Designed with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Night Waiver standards in mind, anti-collision beacons have been added on the top & bottom of the RPAS to improve flight safety at night. The drone is also equipped with DJI’s AirSense system using an ADS-B receiver to provide live manned aircraft traffic updates. 

l  Flight Performance

Pilots using multiple drone payloads during their operations can now calibrate the drone’s new centre of gravity with ease from the DJI Pilot app for better flight performance.

l  Data Accuracy

A new TimeSync system continuously aligns the flight controller, cameras, GPS module and RTK module, as well as any third-party payloads or onboard accessories, fixing the position data to the center of the image frame to achieve improved data accuracy.

Compatible Payloads


South Africa Pricing - only available on request. 


Stock available now. Call us on 011 781 1323.



M210 V2 South Africa pricing
M210V2 Night Beacon South Africa
m210RTK V2 South Africa
 Bottom night beacon M200 V2  
M200 V2 with X7

ParaZero appoints Commercial Drones SA as Sole Distributor

ParaZero appoints Commercial Drones SA as Sole Distributor

We proud to announce Commercial Drones South Africa as the sole distributor of ParaZero SafeAir systems.

Commercial Drones South Africa has been working extensively with the South African Civil Aviation trying to speed and up facilitate the ROC and RLA process. Understanding that safety is the biggest concern for the SACAA and redundancy is a key factor for commercial operators we found it a natural fit to bundle our product with ParaZero SafeAir parachute technology. 

We excited offer this game changing solution to our clients. For more information please contact sales@commercialdrones.co.za



Commercial Drones DJI SDK Developer

Commercial Drones DJI SDK Developer

Commercial Drones is proud to be part of the DJI SDK family. With our in house developers and technicians we able to offer a full turn key solution from customised payloads, aircraft and mobile SDK solutions. 

"Every mission requires a custom setup from night lights, thermal FPV cameras and integrated LIDAR solutions. The ability to customise software both onboard and for mobile software allows users to really get the best data from their RPAS" - David Davies, Commercial Drones Founder. 

The team at Commercial Drones has a over 10 years experience within the ecommerce industry allowing them to utilise their coding skills within the RPAS industry. 

If you like to know more please email SDK@commercialdrones.co.za